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Vibration Foot Legs Back Massager Remote Control Circulation Trainer Orange

by Force
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Color: Orange

Voltage: 220V-240V

Power: 30W

Remote Control: Battery x2 AAA (not included)

Product Dimension: 40.5 x 39.5 x 12.5 cm

Weight: 4.4 Kg

Package weight: 5.3kg


Includes a Massage & Exercise Plan

Special Features

10 speed levels, 5 programs, vibration and oscillation massage, transportable, touch panel,Massage & Exercise Plan


With Trainer Legs Revolution you have the High Technology of massage devices at your fingertips. Enjoy the benefits of activation offered by the vibration and stimulation of this device.

Multifunction leg massager

Trainer Legs Revolution is a motorized solution with a VIBRO SENSE system based on acupressure, which exerts a constant and cyclical massage on key points of your body to help you combat that feeling of heaviness and tiredness.

It adapts to your needs

10 speed levels, to select the massage intensity you need. It has a timer to control the session time, configurable up to 30 min. Manual modes to adapt its functions to what you want in each area of your body.

Multiple benefits

You can use it with shoes, to enjoy only the vibration massage in manual mode, or barefoot, to also benefit from the central massage rollers. Also use it in the lower back, the twins, the buttocks...

Front touch panel control pulse

Designed with technology that makes everyday life easier. Ideal for seniors who need to streamline their legs and activate their body. Also for young people who need to speed up their muscles or unload them after physical exercise.

It has 5 different programs

2 manual and 3 automatic. In the manual programs you can choose between massage and oscillation, or both, and set the speed and time. In automatic programs, the device performs cycles varying the parameters automatically.

Remote Control Management

Easy to use, intuitive and easy to use, You can configure your massager via the remote control or the touchscreen on the device Suitable for all people .

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