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Refillable Dryer 450g Replace DampRid Moisture Dehumidifier Portable Absorber Blue

by X-TRA
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Designed to absorb moisture from small room,non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Give you wherever and whenever 360 degrees moisture-proof and dehumidification solutions, no noise has no influence on your sleep.

Exquisite small size and fashionable appearance, suitable for closet,cabinet,bookcase,wardrobe,safe box,storage gun safe box and moisture-proof of 3C elecronical products,of valuables,of food.

     XTRA KLEEN 450g dehumidifier comes in a handy spill-proof container and crystals in a tightly sealed bag.
    The container is a reusable container simply purchase extra crystal refill.
    XTRA KLEEN prevents mildew, mould & musty odours in high-humidity or damp areas.
    Dehumidifier container allows you to see when the product is used up - ensuring your mould and mildew protection is never compromised.




The container allows you to see when the product is used up

Prevents mildew, mould & musty odours

Absorbs up to 1L of water

Lasts up to 3-6 weeks

Handy spout to pour any excess liquid

Used for Basement • Bathroom • Bedroom • Boat • Camper/RV • Garage/Storage Unit • Laundry room

Crystals pull moisture out of the air to eliminate excess moisture and create a more comfortable space

Works by a natural process automatically absorbs moisture and humidity but never over- drys the air.

Packing Color: Blue