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Multifunctional Mattress Summer Cooling Gel Mat Cover 90X60CM For 1 Person


Stay refreshingly cool while you sleep!

Self cooling technology | Relief from hot flashes!

Stay cool all night long with this Chill Out Cooling Mat! Using phase changing technology, the latest in cooling, this little mat can provide up to 3-5 hours of cooling power. Place it between you and the sheet for a great nights rest of use it any time you need to stay refreshed. It provides better cooling when compared to traditional bamboo, stone, water and gel cooling, and is able to easily absorb heat. So stop flipping that pillow all night long - grab this instead!


  • Chill Out Cooling Mat for Mattress 
  • Cool relief from hot flashes
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly material changed from solid to liquid and vice versa when the ambient temperature changes
  • Provides better cooling as compared to traditional bamboo, stone, water and gel cooling products due to its superior absorption of heat over several hours 
  • PCM naturally crystallises to solid state below 25 degrees, and melts into water above 33 degrees
  • Gently pulls heat away from your body to instantly cool you
  • Great for hot and humid nights
  • No cords or batteries required 
  • Just slip the PCM mat between you and the sheet
  • Experience 3-5 hours of cooling relief
  • Can also be placed in the fridge for extra cooling 
  • Dimensions: 90 x 60cm
  • Country of origin: China