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Lift Up Easy Seat Assist Up To 135KG Standard Manual Lifting Cushion

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LIFT UP EASY Seat Assist is a mechanical lifting cushion that will ease you into your seat, as well as help you up. Its lifting action releases gently as you begin to stand - lifting up to 80% of your body weight, as needed.

LIFT UP SEAT BOOSTER – Easy to get up

- Assisting device perfect for the elderly, handicapped or disabled

- Weight capacity 135kg

- Memory foam cushion contours to all body types

- Non-slip Base helps secure the seat booster firmly on the seat

- Simply adjust the strength according to the assistant you require

- The Seat Booster moves up & down gently and smoothly

- Carry handle – Easily move around to different seats

    Keep Your Independence
    UP EASY Seat Assist will keep you independent at home, or wherever you visit. As soon as you begin to stand, Seat Assist will automatically come to your aid and help you up.
    Get Relief for Sore Joints
    If you suffer from a lot of joint pain, Seat Assist can make life more comfortable for you on those days.
    Use It Anywhere You Go
    Even if you have a lift chair, the UPEASY Seat Assist is perfect for use in other rooms at home, or wherever you go. No electricity is required, so you can use it outdoors as well on a park bench or patio    
    Keep Your Strength
    Seat Assist can lift up to 80% of your weight, but will only lift as needed. That means you will exercise your muscles and maintain your strength while getting just the amount of help you need.
    Value Priced
    UPEASY Seat Assist is portable, affordable and it works!