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Karcer K3 Home Deck And Car Pressure Washer With PS 20 Power Scrubber

by Karcer
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The K3 is the perfect pressure washer  for occasional use on light dirt around the home. This includes items  such as bicycles, garden fences or motorcycles. The unit equipment  includes a spray gun with Quick Connect  quick coupling, an 8 m long high-pressure hose and a water filter to  protect the pump against the ingress of damaging small dirt particles.  The water pressure can be adjusted to the surface to be cleaned by  simply twisting the Vario Power spray lance (VPS), while a dirt

Karcher K3 Deck High Pressure

The K 3 Deck pressure washer with PS 20 Power Scrubber for ideal stairwell and small deck cleaning. The device is ideal for occasional use and removal of light dirt around the home.

The Kärcher K3 Deck performs well when used on moderate dirt and, with the PS 20 Power Scrubber included, offers the ideal conditions for immaculate cleaning of stairwells. The pressure washer is fitted with a Quick Connect gun and 6 m high-pressure hose and is suitable for occasional jobs around the home. Whether used on bicycles, garden fences or motorcycles, it leaves surfaces shining.

Thanks to the Vario Power spray pipe (VPS), the water pressure can be adjusted by simply twisting, and adapted to the surface you are cleaning. The dirt grinder with rotating point jet dissolves even the most stubborn dirt. The pump of the K3 Deck is reliably protected by a water filter to ensure a long service life.


Quick Connect: Easy connection of the high- pressure hose and the high pressure trigger gun.

Cleaning Agent Tank: Convenient and easy use of detergent.

Cable Hook: Practical cable storage.

Three piston axial pump: Completely maintenance free

Safety valve and motor: Stop function: Reliable protection from pressure overload.

Comes With

Spray lance extension

Balcony power scrubber

Cleaning agents, 3-in-1 stone and facade cleaner, 1 L

High pressure gun, Standard Quick Connect

Vario Power Jet

Dirt blaster

High pressure hose, 8m

Quick Connect on machine

Integrated water filter

Garden hose adapter A3/4"

Product Specification 

Brand:   Karcher

Pressure:   20 - max. 120/2 - max. 12

Flow   rate: 6.3L/min

Features and benefits
K 3 *AU: Quick Connect                    
Quick Connect
The high-pressure hose is  easy to manoeuvre, clicking quickly in and out of the device and gun.  This saves time and effort.
K 3 *AU: Clean tank solution                    
Clean tank solution
The practical detergent tank simplifies the application of detergents.                                                                                    
K 3 *AU: Tidy storage on the hook                    
Tidy storage on the hook
Generous cable hooks allow tidy storage of the cable directly on the device.