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High Pressure Electric Coffee Maker/Cafeteria Espresso Moka 4Cups PC & Aluminum

by GB
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High  Pressure  Coffee Maker/Cafeteria

-Fast Brewing Process
-Easy to Clean
/Electric High Pressure   
-Safety Pressure Release Valve

Item No: 89501-4BR
Color: Silver

Voltage : 220-240V with Australian  plug.

Capacity: 4 Cups Item
Size: 6.2 x 5 x 9 Inches
Material: Aluminum, Plastic


 1)Check that the coffee maker is cold, and then unscrew it by holding the boiler with one hand and turning the pitcher anticlockwise with the other
2)Remove the funnel and fill the boiler with fresh water until reaching the safety valve (visible inside the boiler),without exceeding it.
3)Insert the funnel in the boiler.
4)Fill up the coffee powder funnel with ground coffee.
5)Take the tamper and press the coffee powder with some strength.
6)Fill up the funnel a little more coffee powder.
7)Take the tamper again and press the coffee powder with some strength.
8)Tighten the coffee maker securely , without exaggerating, holding the boiler with one hand and turning the pitcher clockwise with the other, without pushing on the handle 9)Rest the coffee maker on the base, Close the lid.
10)Press the on/off switch.
11)The coffee will start to be released after a few minutes. 12)Enjoy the espresso coffee.


Safety Information!
1:This  machine has been manufactured to "make coffee" Never use other  extracts,cocoa powder,chamomile or soluble substances.These may be block   holes in the filter.
2: During Cleaning never immerse the  base and the boiler in water This is electrical appliance.
3:  Be careful to avoid being scalded by spraying water or steam or due to  the improper use of the appliance.
4: when using the appliance  do not touch the hot surface.use the buttons or handles
5:  After having removed the packaging check that the appliance is in tact.
6:  The parts of the packaging (plastic bags,polystyrene etc) not must be  left withing the reach of childern as they are potential sources of  danger
7: This appliance must only be used for household