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Green Swivel Scooter Wiggle Gyro Swing Car Twist & Go Kid Toy Car Child Miusic Ride On

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For the age above 3 years old

Commodity Description: This product is a frog shape, with music of the car from being.

Cute Cartoon Themes

The cute frog design on this toy car will heighten the interest your kids.

Promotes Motor Skills

Playing with this toy car will help kids improve their motor skill and develop their muscles as they steer and balance it.

In 1, after getting on a car, both hands on the wheel, left and right rotation, can be run, such as acceleration, should make the body part of center of gravity vehicle swing

2, (a) the car in the living room, park, square, community, kindergartens and other hard ground play; (b) the car around the twisted, can exercise the waist muscle, the Ottomans dots designed to stimulate acupoints foot, promote the healthy growth of children.

3, (a) the car in the cement or asphalt road, load should not exceed 55 kg.

(b) in smooth pavement such as hard marble, steel brick terrazzo maximum load 100 kg.

In 4, the car makes full use of the principle of centrifugal force and body motion in the inertia principle, without electricity, oil and rotating device, can run free.

In 5, the car is composed of car body and steering wheel, front and rear wheels and other components to form, only needs to observe the schematic, will be assembly.

In 6, matters needing attention

(a) for children under three years of age in the adult accompanying driving.

(b) is strictly prohibited in the motor Lane