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Boomerang V TRI SHAPE Pillow Shred Memory Foam With Bamboo Fabric Cover

by Vistara
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Pillow  Maternity/Reading/Travel good sleeping  Comfort

Provides supports for your head, neck and position your back
Colour: shown as picture
Perfect for side sleepers
Replaces standard pillows
Provides correct spinal alignment

Feel: Soft

Product Details

Cover Material: 40% Bamboo 60% Polyester

Fill Material: Memory foam

Comfort  Level:  Soft


(Soft products,Due to the different methods of  measurement, Please allow 1- 2 cm error.)

What is the function bamboo pillow
1.Bamboo fiber is a high quality natural bamboo as raw material, the bamboo cellulose extracted , and then glue , spinning and other processes which produce regenerated cellulose fibers.

2.Bamboo fiber textile products covered by bamboo fiber towels, bath towels , bamboo bedding, bamboo fiber socks, bamboo fiber clothing and so on all aspects of people's personal lives , it demonstrated the health qualities , skin-friendly qualities , to improve people's quality of life and quality of it also changed the competitive landscape related industries.

3.In the whole process of manufacturing bamboo fiber does not contain any chemical additives, is a real sense of the green fibers on . And has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial , anti-mite , deodorant and anti- ultraviolet radiation , have good air permeability , good water absorption characteristics , good dyeing and so on. Been praised as a "breath of eco- textile" , " Fiber Queen " reputation .

Applicable to all adults.

adjusts to the body's changing of temperature & postures.
Relieves neck, shoulder and back pain by allowing neck and shoulder muscles to fully relax
Pillow promotes proper spinal alignment
Reduces tossing and turning throughout the night, retains shape for continued support.

Product Description

It's Firm, It's Soft, It's Fluffy... It's Adaptive Shredded Memory Foam!

Our boomerang pillows are stuffed with special memory foam that allows you to use your pillow anyway you want! So if you have a picky sleeper at home, rest assured that everyone will love their bamboo pillow. You can fluff it up to be a solid firm pillow or pat it down to get that soft, hotel feeling right in your own bedroom. Soft as down and firm as foam.
Hypoallergenic & Dust Mite Free. Take that Allergies!

Our pillows feature a special bamboo woven design with antibacterial properties. No need to worry about allergies, dust mites, and any other nasty parasite! Stay clean and stay green, with the power of bamboo! The only eco-friendly solution for the household pillow.

Highest quality materials used with more shredded memory foam density than cheaper pillows.
Down pillows and ordinary memory foam pillows lack the support that many people need while they sleep, causing back, spinal, neck pain. With this, Bamboo Comfort Memory Foam Pillow, you get the restful sleep you need to start your day for anyone using these pillows on they`re stomach, back, and side sleeper.

BAMBOO BLEND - At 40% Bamboo 60% Polyester it's the softest cover available and the CoolVent breathable Hypoallergenic pillow keep you cool and comfortable for a good night's rest. These shredded memory foam pillows allows additional air-flow throughout your sleep and keeps your body temperature cool and steady.
ADJUSTABLE SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM - Means Pillows Never go Flat and contour to your body. Therapeutic and Comfortable Pillow For ALL Sleep Positions and Perfect for Stomach and Side Sleepers.You can adjust the memory foam exactly where YOU Need it.Rolled and Vacuum Sealed For Frustration Free Eco-Friendly Shipping. Original Bamboo Pillows will never go flat, eliminate the pain, heat, the tossing and turning throughout your night and use our Original Bamboo Comfort Memory Foam Pillow for a restful sleep.