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50Kg Power Twister Flexible Stretch Spring Bendy Bar Arm Gym



* Brand new and high quality
* It is Made of High Grade Metal Wire and Spring
* When and where you can use it and very convenient
* Fantastic gift idea for your partner or friends
* Rubber handles for excellent grip
* Ideal size for use any place any time and any where
* Ideal for working on your wrists, forearms, chest, arms and shoulders.

* Color:Black
* Material:Spring Steel+ABS+Rubber
* Total length:about 61.5cm/62.5cm/64cm/65cm
* Spring Dia.:about 4-4.5cm
* Item weight class:1.3kg/1.6kg/1.8kg/1.95KG
* Strength:30kg/40kg/50kg/60kg
* Quantity:1 PC

Package includes:
1x Power Twister Exerciser Bar


body more healthy and strong.Using method:
1 arms bend, on the back of the neck bending spring force.
2 arms forward, upward bending spring, and then relax.
3 arms close to the chest, bending spring, and then straight, slowly relax.Standing
4 feet apart, with the left hand, right elbow bending, bending spring, and then bend the left elbow, right hand bending spring.
5 arms to hold back, then spring, straight down gradually bend.

1 please check before using the joint arm strength device is firm, no loose.
2 please choose their level of physical strength of arm muscles, to avoid injury.
3, the strength of arm safety on the handle on the wrist.
4 when using, should choose a relatively spacious space and exercise, so as not to sell.
5 children under the age of 12 do not use arm apparatus.


According to the number of personal disposable weight and can do push ups, to choose the right arm force rod kg level.

With the weight of 60 kg, for example, a 20-40 can do push ups, you can select the 30kg-40kg arm force rod.
The weight of 60 kilograms for example, a 40-60 can do push ups, you can select the 50kg-60kg arm force rod.

30 kg: weight 1.3 kg
the intensity is small, suitable for the use of adults who do not often exercise
40 kg: 1.6 kg
moderate intensity, suitable for the use of most adults

50 kg: weight 1.8 kg
power is larger, suitable for physical fitness or have a fitness based adult use
60 kg: weight 1.95 kg
the intensity is relatively large, suitable for the physical fitness of the body is better for the use of adult