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25cm Sparklers Party Sparkler For Birthdays Party Parties Wedding

SKU HW-SP25-X120

Colour Effect : Gold Sparklers


Size / Burn Time :

25cm Long (approx) / About 30 - 40 second Burning

Indoor Sparklers : Yes (Used Indoor With Permission Only)

Outdoor Sparklers : Yes

Also Used for : Cake Sparklers, Indoor Sparklers and Indoor Fireworks


What these sparkler can be used for:

Party Sparklers

Anniversary Sparklers

Birthday Sparklers

Birthday Cake Sparklers

Chinese New Year Sparklers

Diwali Sparklers

Eid Sparklers

Guy Fawkes Sparklers

Making Magic with Sparklers in Your

Wedding,camping or party ~



Sparklers can turn an ordinary wedding reception into an absolutely dazzling event. And compared to most of the other expenses of a wedding today, they are dirt cheap.

Sparklers used to be a mainstay of Fourth of July celebrations. Now, they’re found more and more in other types of celebrations. With their scintillating show of gold sparks, the humble sparkler is now being used to spice up the festivities at evening parties and weddings across .