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12V Car Espresso Moka Coffee Maker Set Espresso In Car Coffee Machine With 2Cups

by GB
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Package bag kit comes with:

1 x espresso machine
2 x espresso cups
1 x coffee powder container
1 x spoon 
1 x cleaning kit
1 x set of instruction manualthe
1 x carry bag(black or blue send random )

Product Description:

The principle of this 12V Car espresso machine comes from regular espresso machine in home or hotel. 

This Espresso Machine is professionally and specially designed for automotive use.

For drinking espresso in the car, 110w, the power is from the cigarette lighter socket. You can enjoy fresh espresso in the car on the way of trip or during camping.

Material and Functions---Food grade materials, the key materials are with food grade standard and certificate.With the self heat system, just add the normal water is ok.

Safety---Smart systems, Pressure protect systems, it has 3 release holes for pressure protection system; Thermal protection to cut off automatically when over temperature of 85 centigrade or 185 degrees F; Two light power indicator,blue light and red light;Power off automatically when the coffee is ready.

Easy to Clean and Maintain--

It adapts for both E.S.E coffee pod of 45mm in diameter and the regular coffee powder. 

In our package include 2 espresso cups and one container for the regular coffee powder.

Manual Tips: 

1. It should be used after the car is starting, which will save the energy of battery. Plug into the car cigarette socket, then twist off the top cup 

2. Take out the coffee holder,put into some water(maximum 65ml), then put into the holder

3. Put coffee pod or powder(use the black ring) on the holder, then be sure twist on the top cup tightly to make sure the coffee will not pour out 

4. Lock the top cup and press the power key,within 5 minutes,there will be steamed pressure to pump the water go through the pod or coffee powder, the coffee will come completely up to the top container, then unlocked the top cup up the cap, pour out the coffee to a small cup, then you will enjoy the espresso. 

If there is nobody help you to make the espresso, we strongly suggest you stop the car at a proper place and keep the engine running to make the espresso. If your drive alone, please park your car in a safety place to make the espresso .

Manual Key Tips: 

Please make sure to use it during the engine running, please twist the top cup tightly to make sure the coffee can't be pour out during the process.