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100cm or 80cm Practice Decorate Cosplay Kendo Bokken Wooden sword Samurai

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Natural wood,pure handmade,each one differs from the other one in color and grain,small crack and dent is unavoidable.Please don't buy it if you mind that,Thanks~

Size100cm /80cm

Colour: Black Dragon/ Log

Material: Wood
Condition: Brand New
Pack including: 1x Wooden Katana

This is the newest style of bokken. The earlier problem of the bokken slipping when the hands became sweaty (as they will when practicing) has been solved by adding a cotton wrap around the handle of the boken. This addition, although small, has changed many aspects of the boken. This allows for practice of drawing techniques and a closer realism to a live blade.


  * The bokken is constructed of wood with a shiny finish.

  * The handle of the boken is wrapped in a black cord.

  * Dragon patterns are hand carved onto the bokken.